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  • Map a repayment plan for your loan in the right time
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  • Make the best investment decision in terms of location and pricing
  • Remove language as a barrier when you work with the German bureaucracy

About OBN Finance

Whether you are an expat in Germany or a permanent resident, we are the matchmakers who align your purchasing power with the right-fit in owning a property. Founded by Bonn-based financial advisor Osman Nyei, we combine complex mortgage calculations with the most efficient financial product advice given to you by our rich ecosystem of real estate partners, tax consultants, lawyers and banks.

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Individually tailored nancing to own a property in Germany

Exclusive home loan options at a favourable interest rate

Procurement of property as a direct investment

Attractive follow-up financing (Forward-Credit)

Securing of tax-saving scheme

Assets building for the right retirement plan

Documentation for investment property checklist

Renegotiation and understanding of loan contracts

An overall financial product portfolio

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