OBN provides a comprehensive range of product from local as well as global partners that suite your needs.


Each household spends approx. € 3000 per year. Nevertheless, most do not have a suitable insurance coverage. A regular assessment of your insurance coverage by our independent advisor is essential, because of changes in your life situation and your insurance needs. In addition, many companies update their insurance conditions from time to time, so that often the same or better protection acquired for a smaller contributions.

Our financial advisors will know what insurance you need based on your life situation and which providers will offer you the best coverage for your money. We’ll help you find the right insurance and save a lot of money.

Real Estate

The desire to afford your own four walls is basically subject to your current income and savings. At OBN we will help you design your individually tailored financing for an apartment or house. Find out more and use our ability to identify the right plan for your needs.

Retirement Plan

Imagine your life in three sections.

Section 1: Grow up, go to school and study

Section 2: Start a carrier, build a family and accumulate wealth                                 

Section 3: Retire

According to this rough illustration you do have 30 to 40 years to build up assets that will secure your standard of living for next 20 years or more during retirement. Contact us and we will discuss the different possibilities.