Statutory Health Insurance

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Most  Germans are members of the statutory health insurance. Since 2009, all legally insured must pay the same standard tariff. This is 15.5 percent, 0.9 percent of which is solely funded by the insured. Insurers share 14.6 percent with their employer. The 15.5 percent is considerably more than the majority of publicly insured pay up till now.

Added to this is: Health funds that do not get along with the money can collect an additional premium from their insured. This must not exceed one percent of the monthly gross income. Many higher-paid employees therefore consider to switch to private health insurance. There, young and healthy willing to switch pay significantly less, at least initially. But employees can only change if they have an annual salary of more than 48 600 € in three consecutive years.

Important: Self-employed workers should secure their sick pay!

Since 2009, self-employed workers who voluntarily have a statutory health insurance no longer receive daily cash sickness benefits from their funds. They have the option to obtain a daily benefits insurance from an insurance company.

Alternatively, they may also choose an appropriate optional tariff within their statutory fund. But those who decide on such an optional tariff from a statutory health insurance binds themselves for three years to the chosen fund. Consumers should therefore inform themselves about alternative offers by the private health insurers.

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