Homeowners Insurance

  • Possibility of protection against natural hazards (e.g. landslide, avalanche, flood or earthquake)
  • Possibility of fee reduction through percentage excess
  • Compensation for loss of rental income
  • Comprehensive insurance coverage for your home
  • Payment of the new construction value upon destruction of the building
  • Full reimbursement of repair costs

The trend to own property continues unabated, as very few Germans want a lifetime of paying rent. Thus, the owned property mostly represents the highest asset. As a result, damages to the house have a greater impact, because they can easily end up costing a fortune. Any homeowner without proper insurance coverage may face huge financial problems. The homeowner’s insurance protects you from such risks.

Note: If you finance your real estate with credit, a homwowners’ insurance is usually compulsory for you. This protects you from being left empty-handed in case of damage.