Automobile Insurance

  • Comprehensive insurance cover for car, motorcycle, etc.
  • Liability protection beyond the statutory minimum coverage
  • Easy switching service
  • Motor vehicle liability, full and partial coverage insurance policies at competitive rates
  • Protection abroad and for rental cars
  • Versions/variants without downgrading in case of damage

Irrespective of the increase in gasoline prices and car tax, car costs are bound to rise in the coming years, according to ADAC. One bright spot: By changing the automobile liability insurance, the partial or fully comprehensive insurance, you can usually reduce your vehicle costs at a stroke. When changing, it is important to note that the insurer must receive the proper cancellation of the automobile insurance by November 30 (at maturity on January 1 of the following year).

Important: Terminate the old contract only if you have already secured a better deal. Since there are numerous variants of car insurance and rates, you should consider consulting an expert for advice prior to signing the contract. Our insurance experts are familiar with the offers and independently compare prices and services for you.