Household-/ Content Insurance

  • Comprehensive coverage against damage to the home furniture and fittings
  • Underinsurance coverage enabling you to get the reinstatement value of your insured objects
  • Additional coverage for glass, bicycles as well as against overvoltage and damages from natural hazards possible
  • Protection of household and consumer goods against damage by fire, vandalism, robbery, pipe-borne water, storm, hail, etc
  • Protection of valuables such as cash, jewelry, furs, securities or works of art with a share of the insurance sum possible

Above 80 percent of German households have a household insurance. This is the right decision for this important insurance is a must for every household, because it is the only insurance policy that offers extensive protection against damage to the home furniture and fittings.

What you should know: Be sure to adjust the insurance amount of the household insurance from time to time to suit your particular circumstances, because over the years, the value of the household items changes, exposing you to the risk of underinsurance.