Corporate Clients

Multinational business is the key to the future for many companies and is often a main opportunity for growth. On the other hand they face constant challenges as they globalize and expand their diverse and international workforce:

  • Invreased compexity of managing employees benefits and compensation globall/need for more consistancy
  • Balancing central control of employee benefit programms with ensuring that benefit package are appropriate for each local.

obn is helping multinational companies meet these challenges through a host of products and services:

1.    Services

Expatriate Solutions

Expatriates and Third Country Nationals require special compensation and benefits packages. We have the expertise to establish customised, cost-effective expatriate solutions covering death, disability, retirement and medical needs in line with your corporate guidelines.

Multinational Pooling

Multinational Pooling is a system of bringing together the insurance coverage of selected worldwide benefits inte one or more POOLS to achieve general experience reportings and generate surplus savings.

The merits of multinational pooling include:
- Economies of scale and purchasing power
- Global experience rating
- Financial cost savings
- Improved underwriting terms and conditions
- Annual reporting
- Management tool and information base


2.    Products

obn can provide your third-country national (TCN) and expatriate employees with a broad range of coverages worldwide, including:

  • Life
  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment
  • Permanent and Total Disability
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance
  • Pension Plans

Plans are available in a number of currencies with various optional features to meet the specific needs of multinational companies.

In the design of the TCN-Expat plan, obn has combined the resources and expertise of renowned experienced international benefits providers to address the highly specialized needs of globally mobile employees and their employers.