Retirement Planning

In our mid 50′s, we are usually at the peak of our professional activities. Retirement still seems very far away. Our consulting practice in financial planning shows that this is exactly the time to review our financial choices again – because there is enough time for any necessary corrections. But even at age 65 or 67, it is useful to have a thorough overview of our financial situation in retirement. This is especially true for people whose livelihood in retirement is not already guaranteed by ​​lifelong pensions.

When drawing up a retirement plan, we calculate and answer the following questions:

  • How does the desired amount get into your account every month when on retirement?
  • Is the accumulated wealth during professional life enough to live on freely for decades without worries?
  • How do taxes and inflation affect your retirement income?
  • Are your assets for this phase of life optimally established or can they achieve significant improvements also in terms of taxes?
  • Are the assets big enough to live off the proceeds? Or should it be used up gradually? How much can you extract monthly?
  • When is it time to move the portfolio of securities into safe havens?
  • What about the care of your partner? How would it go on financially in case of permanent nursing care?
  • What about a will, a tax-efficient inheritance plan? Will a living will be requested?

In cooperation with you, we will develop appropriate responses to these questions for you, from a financial planning point of view. Those who are well prepared for this new stage of life and restructure their fortunes in good time so that they generate a secure income at all times can relax and enjoy their well earned retirement.