Investment / Asset allocation

The investment opportunities in their various possible criteria may be useful in asset accumulation, asset preservation, or even the delicate task of asset depletion, depending on what situation you are in. Whether you want to finance your children’s education, your own pension plan, your retirement or exceptional extras, we will find the right solution for you and help you achieve your short-, medium and long-term goals.

Your investment may consist of a professional fund asset management, classical or modern annuities, from a real estate acquisition or attractive participation models.

With fund asset management, we rely on our Multi-styles portfolios. With the help of an innovative analysis tool, we are able to balance the portfolio to create a healthy mix of different asset classes, regions and markets as well as investment styles. We orient ourselves in the process along the portfolio theory of Nobel Laureate Harry M. Markowitz. We attach great importance to taking into the portfolios only those investment funds that have gone through a strict selection process.

In the interest of good asset structuring, investments such as real estate funds, ship funds, private equity funds as well as other alternative investments can be added. We filter the highest quality and most promising investment opportunities for you. The decisive factors are not only fiscal and legal framework conditions but also the design and calculation of the products, the performance and reliability of the initiator as well as the quality of management.