The advantages of having an obn optimised private liability insurance:


  • Comprehensive protection from personal injury, property damage or financial loss
  • Insurance of dependents, such as family members or life partner
  • Liability protection abroad
  • Defence of unjustified damage claims – if necessary in court
  • Additional cover of credit default/bad debt loss possible, if the person who caused the damage is insolvent/unable to pay


Everyday risks are often underestimated with the idea that everything will be all right. But that is exactly in our daily lives where most mishaps happen. Whether cycling or visiting friends – it can always end up in an unfortunate situation with serious consequences. In particular, claims for damages against third parties for personal injury often reach very high amounts.


Private liability insurance is strongly recommended to everyone in order for clients not to be liable with their own assets and future income. Another advantage is that this insurance coverage comes at a very low cost compared to its extensive services.