Pension Planning

A private pension plan is the systematic development of financial resources for entry into the retirement age.

But how much money does one actually need in old age? Is what has been saved in 30 – 40 working years enough to live on for another 30 years? How much must one save today in order to maintain one’s accustomed standard of living in the long term? How do the taxation of pensions and inflation affect the monthly retirement income? And how can one use all tax options – both in the saving phase as well as in the withdrawal phase in retirement?

A sound retirement planning is a core competency of our work as a financial planner: We take into account inflation and taxes, as well as existing pensions and pension plan entitlements, pension plans, private life and pension insurance, other investments, real estate and any legacies.

We will show you which preventive means (eg Riester, Rürup, private pension, occupational pensions or other investments) are most worthwhile for you and advise you on a broad investment of your pension plan to optimally combine returns, security and tax issues. Upon request, existing investments will be carefully analyzed and tested for returns, risk spreading, tax issues and their suitability for the pension plan. We will gladly work together with your tax advisor.

If you need support in the implementation of your retirement planning, we can guide you holistically and independently in choosing the right partner and product thanks to our first class product partners