Financial Planning

Financial Planning is a systematic planning process that will help you to concretize your financial goals and achieve them optimally. Financial Planning may relate to your overall financial situation or specific topics and aspects. An example of a theme-based financial planning is our retirement plan.

Our consulting approach is based on a two-phase model: the planning and the implementation phase.

Phase 1: The Planning

In the planning phase, an analysis of your current financial situation and financial structure is done after the data collection interview. We will find the best solution for your needs and objectives in terms of prevention, investing and financial security. With our recommendations at the end of the strategy conversation, you can independently take the next steps. You also have the option to use our product know-how to implement your financial plan. Thus you receive the full value of a coordinated process in itself.

Phase 2: The Implementation

In the implementation phase, we actively support you with product selection and investment. We have first-class product partners at our disposal whose offerings we review independently and neutrally for you. We are obliged to no bank, insurance, Investment Company or any other product partners, but act as your stakeholders. We constantly filter the market through tenders and regular tests and can ensure a high quality product. If desired, you can also benefit from our regular review of your investments with recommendations for future adjustments.