Retirement Plan


Your advantages of an independent obn optimised pension plan


  • Comprehensive analysis of your pension situation
  • Review of the notice of your pension amount and determination of your pension gap
  • On request: creation of a personal financial strategy based on your financial needs and goals
  • Post-return comparison of different pension options
  • Objective selection of pension products to meet your needs through our independence and the price-performance comparison between more than 300 renowned product partners


Those who want to have their livelihood later in life must take over the planning of their pension scheme. Thus, experts believe that the pension in 2030 will be only 40% of the final gross income if the insured paid into the pension fund for 45 years..


Before it’s too late: Close your pension gap early enough.


The German pension insurance annually sends out the updated pension information. Their numbers give you an overview on expected state pension and reveal the gaps in the pension plan as well as in the case of reduction in earning capacity. Here you can see the importance of a private pension plan and disability insurance. Incidentally, the pension insurance institutes explicitly indicate the importance of an additional pension plan in their letter.


Discuss your pension plan with obn today and you will get more in old age.